A List of Online Card Games You Can Play on Android

7th July 2021 | by sekar

A List of Online Card Games You Can Play on Android

With the growing accessibility of technology, it comes as no surprise that the online gaming industry, particularly digital card gaming, is on the rise. In fact, Statista predicts that the North American digital card game market’s revenue will grow to $572 million this year, with its number of players increasing to 13.9 million.

Behind the popularity of digital card games are two simple reasons: Most players like the lifelike simulation of playing cards, while others enjoy the ease of playing as they pass the time, as compared to more complicated and demanding games. So if you wish to join the growing number of players enjoying this timeless pastime in today’s digital age, here are some online card games you can easily download and play on your Android device.


Last year, Hearthstone garnered over 23.5 million players, and it has been one of the most played online card games since its launch back in 2014. This free digital collectible card game (CCG) is based on the existing lore of the Warcraft series, using its characters, relics, and elements. It comes with hundreds of cards that can be built into unique, multiple decks, and it also includes a cross-platform play feature, allowing players to compete with each other, whatever devices you are playing on.

Zynga Poker

A well-known online gaming brand for different genres, Zynga developed its own poker application initially for Facebook. But because of the app’s success, the company expanded the app to include both Android and iOS devices. Zynga Poker, a popular choice for Texas Hold’em poker, is the best platform to play online poker with your friends, as it is a type of “social poker” app. Social poker apps do not require you to spend real money to play, making it perfect for casual players who are just interested in enjoying the game. They also provide you an opportunity to chat with other players. Upon signing up, all new players receive 60,000 chips as a sign-up bonus — more than enough to get the ball rolling.


Reigns is a strategy card game set in a fictional medieval world where players take over the role of a monarch. The goal is to rule the kingdom for as long as possible, just by weighing up the scenarios presented and choosing the best possible solution. Its sequel, called Reigns: Her Majesty places the players as the queen consort, while the latest in the franchise is called Reigns: Game of Thrones, which is set in Westeros and is based on the beloved fantasy novel and television series.

Card Thief

If you are looking for a classic stealth game combined with solitaire, Card Thief is perfect for you. Focusing on the elements of risk and reward, the game’s goal is to steal a treasure chest card and make it into an exit card. But, of course, you cannot get away that easily, as along the way, there are different guards (and dogs!) to face, so you have to strategize your way across the grid of cards. Just be sure to stick to the shadows as you avoid any light source that might give away your location. It is a great pastime with the added twist of decision-making and planning, as every move you make can lead you to either more riches — or your doom.

The reign of online card games in the global market will certainly not be over anytime soon, and as more games, new genres or rebooted classics are developed, we, gamers, are surely here to stay as well.

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