How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 Audio for Free

16th November 2022 | by naveen

A simple guide on how to convert the youtube video to mp3 audio file for free.

simple tricks and steps Convert YouTube Video to MP3 Audio and download it

YouTube has everything under the sun when it comes to music and songs. It is impossible to be connected to a strong Internet service everywhere we go and we never want songs on YouTube to load while listening.

Converting YouTube videos into MP3 files and downloading it to our Laptops, tablets, or smartphones can be a great solution. Follow this article to find the process of converting a YouTube video to MP3.

Though any video can be converted, and we will know how to do it soon, one tricky matter must be kept in mind. When Copyrighted content on YouTube is converted it is good to have the owner’s permission. Another important issue to note is, when we convert videos using third-party websites there are a lot of possibilities that your system can be attacked by malware. Hence, make sure you are using an active and updated version of antivirus software.

With that being said, let’s dive in to know how to convert and download YouTube videos.

YouTube to MP3 using YouTubetoMP3 Converter

This method will use a website that is very stable and safe for converting YouTube videos to MP3, MP4, and other audio formats.

  • Open YouTube and reach the video from which you want to strip the audio.
  • Copy the URL of that page.
  • Open a new tab and type “” or use this link to open the website.
  • Paste the link on the address bar and hit “Go”
  • Select the format as MP3 and choose its quality in the drop-down box which will appear.
  • Click “Convert” next to it.
  • Wait for the conversion to end and hit the “Download” button.


Simple steps to download youtube video

You will find your Mp3 inside the Downloads folder and can be used anytime you want in future. This is a very simple and effective method to get just the audio of any video on YouTube.

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