5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps For iPhone and Apple Watch.

29th December 2022 | by naveen

Here are the best third-party sleep tracking apps for iOS users to monitor and improve their bedtime.

Best Sleep Tracking Apps For iPhone and Apple Watch.
A proper sleep schedule and a healthy uninterrupted sleep is what many people look up to nowadays. The modern lifestyle of this generation has made sleep time a very underrated part of a day and this is backfiring for sure. However, many have realized that a quality sleep is what a human needs for rejuvenation and recovery. For determining our sleep cycles and sleep quality, technology has come up with solutions like sleep trackers and more. This post is going to suggest to you the top 5 sleep tracking apps for iOS users. Stick till the end and choose the best app you want, and use it on your iPhone and Apple Watch for improved sleep sessions.

Although Apple has built-in sleep tracking features on their devices, it is not very impressive. Hence, we are going to look for the best third-party alternatives that can do great at monitoring our sleeps. You might find a number of sleep tracking apps and wonder which is the best, so we have done the hard part for you by picking the best apps below. Use the links and download the apps from AppStore on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

The 5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps On AppStore

These are the best third party apps for iPhone users to monitor their sleep cycles and sleep quality in a better way.

1. Pillow (Free/Paid)

sleep tracking app for Apple Watch and iPhone

Pillow is one of the most efficient sleep trackers that is available on the App Store. The features inside this app are quite amazing and it is also one among the best health and fitness apps. Inside the app, users can learn more about sleep and its importance, so that they sleep better. Heart rate analysis is used via the Apple Watch for tracking and this is accurate most of the time.

Why Pillow

  • Great interface with support for Apple Watch.
  • Advanced sleep analysis and helpful reports on sleep quality.
  • Automatically updates our sleep tracking to Apple’s Health app.

2. Sleep++ (Free)

iOS app for sleep tracking

This is probably the best free sleep monitoring app that you can find on the App Store. After pairing this app with your Apple Watch, you will be able to assess your sleep patterns and other sleep related data very easily. This app also helps in finding blood oxygen level and respiratory rate for more accurate stats and results. The app is absolutely free to use, but it’s just that you have to get used to the ads.

Why Sleep++

  • Daily sleeping statistics and sleep summary that help us to monitor our sleeping habits.
  • Very user friendly interface that is comfortable to use.
  • Precise readings that are safe and private for all.

3. HeartWatch (Paid)

Best sleep tracking app for iOS

HeartWatch is another sleep monitoring app that was developed and designed with Apple users in mind. The app does great on Apple Watch as the sleep tracker tool performs very well using many updated features. Heart rate monitoring is another major work of this app as it tracks your heart rate while walking, workouts, sleeping, and regular work. This helps the app to give out detailed statistics of our body and sleep.

Why HeartWatch

  • An easy automatic sync with Apple Watch is a great bonus.
  • Heart rate can be checked accurately at any point so that you can assess yourself better.
  • Irregular actions by the user will be notified by the app so users will be alert.

4. AutoSleep (Paid)

Sleep tracking app for iPhone

Autosleep is your sleep tracking app if you don’t own an Apple Watch. Because, this app automatically tracks your sleep even when you don’t wear or have a watch. A notification will be sent the first time you unlock your phone in the morning and this is the sign for the end of a sleep session. This app provides a smart and simple wizard that lets you update if you have an irregular sleep time.

Why AutoSleep

  • Automatically updates our sleep data to the Apple Health app.
  • Widget based design is easy to use and good to simplify data.
  • Sleep quality is analyzed better when you wear a watch to sleep.

5. Sleep Cycle-Sleep Tracker (Free/Paid)

sleep cycle tracker on iPhone

Sleep Cycle is a bit different when compared to the other four sleep tracking apps in the list. The basic function of this app is to concentrate more on your wake up times rather than monitoring while sleeping. However, you also get to know what you do when you sleep. Like most of the fitness trackers this app aims to bring the smart alarm feature that will be very useful on Apple Watch. By syncing this app with your Apple Watch you will be able to do multiple tasks on this app for improved sleep cycles.

Why Sleep Cycle-Sleep Tracker

  • Your sleeping window can be determined by you so that the tracking is better.
  • The expert level hypnotic soundtracks in the app help you sleep easily.
  • Using the app on Apple Watch will be very comfortable.

So these are the top 5 sleep tracking apps on the App Store that can improve your sleep habits and sleep quality. Try them and see if you can bring a change in your sleep cycles or sleeping habits. Hope you found this post useful, stay connected with smartzoz.com for more interesting content.


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