How to Save Mobile Data Using YouTube Data Saver Feature

15th November 2022 | by naveen

The YouTube Data Saver feature helps us to save data while streaming large videos with limited data

YouTube, the video streaming service giant has released a feature to save data while using the app on both Android and IOS devices. Earlier, users were able to adjust the streaming resolution of their choice in a video or they used the Auto mode which would adjust the video quality automatically according to the strength of the network. When this feature named “Data Saver” is selected, every video you watch will consume the least amount of data. Although you might have to convince yourself to watch videos of their lowest quality, this feature will be very effective when you have limited data on your device.

Before you get to know how to enable this feature, update your app if you are still using the earlier versions of YouTube.

How to enable Data Saver mode on youtube.

  • Open YouTube on your phone and click on your profile photo to get into your account.
  • Tap on Settings and you will find an option to select Video Quality Preferences, select it.
  • Now you will see two categories, Video quality on Mobile Networks and Video Quality on Wi-fi.
  • Select the “Data Saver” option under both or anyone which you prefer.

You will see two other options, select High Picture Quality if your data balance is more than sufficient or select Auto mode which will adjust the video quality by itself according to the situations.

There is also another way to turn Data Saver mode on. Inside every video, there is a settings option (three dots) on the top right corner of the video. Tap on that and select Quality to customize the video quality, but this will apply only to the video that you watch at that moment.

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